Monday, May 3, 2010


APRIL 29, 2010 – NYC
This is all the information we have. Please help!

1. Bacarticha
Classic Tabby, Domestic Shorthair
Male, 7 years old
Very loyal and loving. He likes love, but does
not like to be picked up. Lightly bites to communicate.

2. Mrs. Smokey Joe Robinson
Smokey grey tabby, Domestic Shorthair
Female, 7 years old

3. Banditi
Black & White, Domestic Shorthair
I will help you take the wet food out of the
cans, and keep you company.

4. CandyTough
Calico, Domestic Shorthair
7 years old
I’m a bit of a “fraidy” cat!

5. Mokie
Brown mackerel tabby, Domestic Shorthair
Female, 6 years old
Loving, shy and scared

6. Gideon
Seal point & white, with blue eyes;
4 years old
I am very smart and I love to be petted
& scratched behind the ears, but I don’t like
to be picked up and cuddled.

7. Tutti (Tutaberrial)
Classic Tabby, Domestic Shorthair
Male, 5 years old

8. Elizabeth Taylor
White & grey, Domestic Shorthair
Female, 4 years old
I am beautiful but afraid. You can look at me but
I am too scared to let you touch me.  I have a boyfriend: Tutti. Could we stay together ???

9. Mamma Mia
White and grey, Domestic Shorthair
Female, 6 years old
When my 2nd batch of kittens were stolen from me
and given away, I went out into the garden and stole
somebody else’s 3 kittens and nursed them as my
own. (One is the Siamese, Gideon.)

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Saturday, May 1, 2010

New Online Dog and Cat Behavior and Training Advice

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