Monday, April 25, 2011

Annabel and Ariel

Watch videos of two new cats we have for adoption - Ariel and Annabel - on our YouTube channel.

Ariel is a tuxedo-like cat who is very friendly and loves attention. Annabel is a white and black cat who is a little shyer but very happy and attentive and loves people once she gets to know them.

Contact ASB if you know of a home for these cats: 212-642-8219 /

Saturday, April 23, 2011

Successful Foster Story: Deborah and Leon

A friend of All Sentient Beings found Leon, a sweet cat who loves to be petted. He had nowhere to go, so ASB found him a loving foster home with Deborah and her family, including her cats, Jeter, Gypsy and Cheddar.

According to Deborah, Leon has adapted beautifully and is now a full-fledged member of the family, with everyone taking a great liking to him! He loves to pull out toys from a bin and play with them. Leon also enjoys playing with the other cats and has even helped shy Cheddar to hide less and feel comfortable with more petting.

Deborah says, “Leon is such a great cat! Thank you for the opportunity to foster him.”

Monday, April 11, 2011

Happy Tails: Amy & Maeve

Read the success story of one of our adopted cats, Maeve, as told by her owner, Amy:

In early April 2009, I had just moved out of a horrible midtown rental and was crashing at various friends' and relatives' pads while waiting to close on my first co-op, a lovely studio near Columbus Circle. At a local bakery, I noticed All Sentient Beings' poster of Maeve the Celtic Calico. Her lovely markings and heartbreaking story were compelling, but it was her scared little face I could not turn away from; you could see the despair in her eyes over being given up by her family. I could not believe such a sweet, beautiful, healthy cat and long-term member of a family had been so rudely abandoned!

I contacted Gregg immediately, was lucky enough to meet Maeve that evening, and loved my precious Maeve at first sight. While the petite kitty was lucky to be rescued from the shelter by ASB and fostered kindly by Gregg, she was in obvious distress over Gregg's much larger and more boisterous feline roommates.

I signed the adoption papers and would have loved to take Maeve home immediately but had no home yet. Rather than keep little Maeve waiting another ten days for her new mommy, Gregg suggested, in her typical problem-solving fashion, that I should stay in her guest room with Maeve so we could both have some peace and quiet - and bonding!

Maeve has been my trusty companion ever since, and we soon moved into our beloved Columbus Circle studio. Finally owning my first home was immeasurably better with my four-legged friend to share it. We settled in to enjoy the place together, and I could not have found a better roommate. Maeve is beautiful inside as well as out, and not only has the renowned feline intelligence and poise, but grace, courage, and empathy. She bounced back from her death row ordeal quickly, making our new apartment a real home.

We often fell asleep watching Animal Planet (Maeve loves Cesar Milan and his antics with silly canines) or doing homework (me reading a book and her sitting on it), and I'd wake up feeling her snowy paw caressing my face and reminding me gently that it was time for breakfast. She has charmed friends and family alike with her kittenish but always ladylike manners.

In August 2010, I had to uproot little Maeve again to start my clinical psychology doctoral program in Huntsville, Texas at Sam Houston State University, where pets are considered colleagues. Maeve adjusted to the Wild West much more gracefully than her mommy and is keeping me sane despite the insanity of the graduate student path. She patrols for armadillos and other dangers from her perch on the windowseats and is always finding new sights and smells to marvel at in the "Republic of Texas."

Especially now, my little Maeve is priceless, everything else I can buy with MasterCard - after I pay off my student loans! Thank you Gregg and everyone at ASB!!

Sunday, April 10, 2011

Sweet gray male cat needs help

This adorable and incredibly friendly cat needs your help. He is two to three-years-old, fixed and vaccinated, but has no where to go. He is currently in New Jersey, and the person who rescued him is willing to give $100 for food and litter to whoever can foster him until a home is found. Please contact Alexandra at or if you can foster or adopt this wonderful cat.

Thursday, April 7, 2011

Meet Spotty

Meet Spotty, a 5-year-old neutered, healthy male pit bull with cute spotted markings. He is housebroken, loves all people and loves other dogs. His family unfortunately did not have enough time for him, but says Spotty is a good family dog and has been around small children his whole life. He is incredibly friendly and will love you immediately! Spotty would like to meet all prospective parents at the boarding facility he is staying at on the Upper East Side. Please call Dina at 917-941-6880 for more information.

Monday, April 4, 2011

Allergies and Pets

If you or someone you know is considering giving a pet up for adoption due to allergies, read this article first! Hurricane Pets Rescue points out that doctors are sometimes quick to jump to the conclusion that pets, often cats, are causing their owners' allergies, without running any allergy tests first. Make sure to have all the facts before you decide to find another home for your pet because of allergies.